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Skincare routine

In Korea they take great pride in their appearance, spend a lot of time and use a huge amount of products to achieve flawless skin. For Koreans this 10 step routine is a way of life and they look at it as an investment.

As you follow this ten-step routine by regularly moisturising, toning and using face masks you will soon notice an unbelievable difference! Here in the UK we’ve all heard of cleanse, tone and moisturise, in Korea they have many additional steps to achieving smooth, soft skin with a beautiful glow.

At first it will feel quite daunting, however if you try to include as many of these steps as possible you will see a difference in just 10 minutes of preparation every morning and night. If you invest your time on your beauty routine and preparing your skin properly, you will find less need to wear makeup to cover your skin.

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